This blog is a multi-fandom blog, mainly containing Doctor Who and Supernatural, as well as some Teen Wolf, Merlin, and Reign posts. I love anime though I try not to blog it to avoid pissing off my followers, but if you'd like a smiliar blog with anime find it at: aloisearltrancy Yes I am the author of the Free! fanfiction Alienation on ao3 and fanfiction.net. We update every Sunday! '

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I don’t understand, does this mean I love you in Eden speak? Because it better! I looooooooooooove you Eden <3

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I've congratulated you on your fic before but A MILLION KUDOS FOR ADDING PANIC! TO ALIENATION. that is all. —slightlyysarcastic

HHAHAAHH! Thank you! no one else even picked up on it even though it was like reallllllly obvious! Panic! is my favorite band and I just saw them live for the first (full) time so I had Brendon on the brain, and I ship him and everyone in the band and I reallllllllllllllllllllllly want to write P!ATD fanfiction one day, but for now cameos are good enough for me :) Thanks so much for the message about Alienation, they’re so sweet! <3

Wanna know what the sitch is? You can read Alienation here

2016 Summer Olympic AU: Rin Matsuoka and Haruka Nanase were childhood best friends and members of the same swim club, Rin starts to think of Haru as more than a friend, something he fears will not only destroy their friendship but also his family life. In a last ditch effort to save his reputation and family he transfers to a swimming school in Australia only to return to Japan years later after his acceptance to the Japanese Olympic Team, little does he know he’s not the only one who got accepted a certain someone with pretty blue eyes and a tendency to strip around water falls back into his life unexpectedly and this time he doesn’t think he can catch himself before he falls.


andrew garfield and emma stone ENGAGED I HAVE WAITED 132 moonsS for this

01/150 pictures of Billie Piper

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hover over each letter in this sentence for three seconds.

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More just stunning Sam and Dean artwork from the incredible Lasakura! <33

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[On auditioning during pilot season in Los Angeles] It was great because I never had a gap year or anything like that. You’d get a pilot that was set in a 1930s jazz bar and you’d go off and just look into that for a day, even if it wasn’t a part you’d get in a million years; I enjoyed the process and just reading different scripts. I came back to England a lot more fearless. [x]

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Jen & Peter - Doctor Who World Tour Mexico City - 16 August 2014

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How do u get people to enjoy being around you? Like I’d really like to know because at this point I may as well just rent myself out as portable people repellant.

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